Jars Jars Jars

As I said before, I’m a major fan of the morning smoothie. Yesterday’s smoothie bowl was amazing, but on a morning when time is not of the essence, a regular smoothie will do just perfectly. I was never good breakfast person, and by never good I mean horrible. You know you hear about the importance of breakfast from everywhere: every newsletter, every healthy-living blog, the news. I just couldn’t care less and would rather enjoy the extra 15 minute sleep I’d get on breakfast’s account.

In march, I discovered that I’d gained 15kg of my initial weight and that I’d need to change that. Stat. So I bought a blender and some detox-teas and started on the journey to a healthier me. Thankfully, in 4 months I had managed to lose 10kg and was finally feeling like myself again.

But the greatest habit I kept from the journey was: BREAKFAST! Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. So here I am, sharing another amazing smoothie idea with you.

Since I live in a place that sometimes feels like Siberia, fruits and veggies don’t come in variations like they do in places more down south. So us, we have to get by with what we have.

So indulge in some:

1 whole banana

half a cup of strawberries

half a cup of rasberries

some grapefruit juice

sprinkle of chia seeds



Sincerely yours,


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