The Daily Cleanse

I’ve been looking for a good face cleanse for quite some time. Since my school life has been quite stressful lately, I’d been developing some so to say, problem areas on my face that I’d hoped a good facial cleaner would help get rid of. And well, if not get rid of, then at least a clean face wouldn’t make the situation worse! But every time I got to a store,I’d be overwhelmed by ten different companies offering twelve different products that promise to do the exact same thing.

So I finally just walked up to an aisle, and decided upon these: Lumene Bright Touch.


The product on the left is the Bright Touch Refreshing Cleansing Foam. As of now, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, once a day. (Although, they recommend you to use it twice a day – morning and night so definitely do that if you decide to try these products :P) I was pretty pleased after the first try already, since the foam is so light and smells fresh and fruity. Its not too strong nor overwhelming. So just rub it in and wash it off – easy as that. I am super satisfied with the results, and although some spots still remained, the bad-tempered ones that wouldn’t go away for months are completely gone. Yay! (As I later discovered from the Lumene website, the fresh and fruity smell comes from a berry called Cloudberry. Pretty much the cutest name for a berry, ever!)

The product on the right is the Bright Touch 2 in 1 Detoxifying Mask & Micro Scrub. I definitely wanted a scrub type product to go with the foam. At first I was convinced that all I needed was a scrub, and that I’d be using it everyday – well turns out that scrubs are not a daily thing – cleaning foams are! The scrub/mask is to be used once a week. Well now I know! I loved that the product is two products in one, and that I can use a mask and scrub at the same time. Since the product is from the same line as the cleansing foam, it also smells like cloudberry!

Anyway, I’m super happy with the line, and probably won’t be going to the beauty department with such a confused face next time!

PS. Tried to take a photo of myself this morning, but my cat just wouldn’t have it!


PS. I think they had my life in mind when making this: Before Vs. After Getting A Cat

Sincerely yours,



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