Coconut Story

A few weeks ago, I was roaming around the grocery store and I saw a huge pile of coconuts near the fresh produce isle. Obviously I’ve seen tons of amazing food bloggers and foodie-people do smoothies and juices out of coconuts, but in Estonia – what on earth do you do with coconuts? Well I felt the need to buy one and follow the bloggers with the smoothie-out-of-a-coconut concept. Well, it took me three weeks to finally do it. And tadaa:

IMG_1759 IMG_1763 IMG_1770 IMG_1773It’s obviously not the most interesting thing to look at – I mean four pictures of a coconut… But i just really couldn’t stop myself. It was just sooooo pretty!!!

Overall, the smoothie itself was a delight:

1 banana

1 cup of raspberries

Coconut shreds

Chia seeds

Strawberry Yoghurt

Pretty things give an amazing kickstart to the morning! We should all be doing this more often!


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