Never too much of a good thing…

I do apologize for the smoothie overload here, but I’ve had some extra time in the mornings now so I like treating myself to this delicious treat. I wish myself to be more adventurous this year with my smoothie ideas – green smoothies, yellow smoothies… (as you can see – pink is my way to go).

Anyway, today’s treat:

1 small Mango

1 cup of Raspberries

2 cups of Kiwi and Peach Yoghurt

IMG_1786I absolutely love my smoothies – I’m serious. I’m not a food expert nor a health professional so I’m not going to tell you whether this is a healthy way to start your morning or not – but I mean, they taste amazing. And definitely give you a much lighter start to the morning than any English Breakfast will…

(Don’t you just love the pink straws? Ebay’s a wonderful place… Not for my wallet of course.)


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