The Annual Recap

It’s like the universe doesn’t want me to blog, or take nice pictures to share with you guys. Las year I landed the internship I’ve wanted for a few years now, but I didn’t imagine it to be so much work. I also finally realized, that a nine-to-five job will be my worst nightmare. Anyway, back to my excuse for not blogging – no camera. Since I’m not a woman of many words, I like to add spice to my post with pictures… And since I currently do not own a camera myself, I’ve been borrowing my dad’s Canon EOS 450. Great little camera that definitely does the trick for me – except for when my dad decides to take it with him on his winter getaway.

So on the 3rd of March, I’m getting on plane and flying to New York City to visit my mommyy, and most definitely the first thing that is going to find it’s way to me is a brand new camera. Any suggestions on which one to pick? Let me know!

But wait no longer – I present to you the 2014 small recap of my favourite Instagram moments (and a few not insta-worthy).

The Three S’s – Smoothies, Selfies & Sightseeing.


My instagram account awaits for you: HERE!




2 thoughts on “The Annual Recap

  1. Nice blog, honey! 😉 About the camera – it’s a good idea if you get the camera same brand as your dad’s, this way you will be able to exchange lenses and other complements. Good luck!


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