50 Shades of Sunshine

Today was the first Spring day for me. I woke up to the sun blaring from the windows and to it being 6C outside. I mean I love you Estonia, but you’ve not been blessed with a great weather plan… Grey is just so everyday for us. So when the sun comes out, the day is just a little bit better than the one before that.IMG_2278

So now that I think of it, maybe a greyscale picture isn’t the perfect fit. But… Well that’s that. It just looked better this way.
I’ve been growing my hair out since November, and I cannot even tell you how incredible just one change can be.

Trust me, If you’ve been contemplating on whether to or not to dye your hair… Just be courageous and do it.

First off, as you can see from my previous photos, I’ve been dying my hair blonde for a while. My natural colour is something borderline dark blonde/light brunette. I always had a massive issue with hair falling out, and I just sort of figure this was normal, and maybe a special thing that happened to me. Well, it wasn’t all that special and it wasn’t all that pleasant either. Around 5 months has passed, and the length of my hair is incomparable to what it was before as well as the fact that absolutely zero hair falls out. Zero. I used to wash my hair, and every time I’d collect handfuls of loose hair from my head. That literally doesn’t happen anymore.

Other than the fact that looking in the mirror isn’t my favorite thing with half of my hair dark and half some sort of blonde, I am certain that I will have my natural hair tone back, and it will be healthy, and it will be long, and that all you’d really hope to get with your hair.

Oh and also my favorite tune from today – I have had little interest in 50 Shades of Gray, but the soundtrack version of Crazy In Love is the best.




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