Fashion Week Revealed

Fashion week collage

I can’t be the only one who when it comes to Fashion Week time, drools over the street style 3x as much as what’s on the runway? I mean, in the past few years, street style has become almost as iconic as the reason the street style moguls all gather: the legendary fashion weeks all over the world. Whether it’s Milan, or Paris, or your more of a New York Gal, what happens on the streets is just as groundbreaking. I found an article online about the well-kept secrets of the FW fashionistas. I am seriously amazed (and relieved) by some of them – and while still drooling over the photos, not merely as hopelessly. So here are the well-kept secrets of Fashion Week Revealed to you!

Number 1.

Most items worn by street style fashionistas are borrowed. Since an outfit can only be worn once, this does not come as a surprise. Know-Who of designers and industry people is a must.

Number 2.

Brands pay street style stars to wear their garments. As said before, the street style industry has been growing in the last years and will continue to do so in the future. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that it’s beginning to look a lot like the celebrity industry at movie awards of premiers, for example.

Number 3.

If a brand doesn’t pay – there is no obligation to wear the designers items. Apparently, the rule doesn’t apply to young designers. So young designers, don’t be afraid to share your creations with the frontliners of street style – who knows, maybe being at the right place, at the right time will lead to bigger things than a star wearing your item.

Number 4.

Apparently, the street style industry is no longer a casual way of capturing the spontaneity of fashionable people. Not only are they sometimes staged, but extra measures are taken in order to have more time in front of the camera.

Number 5.

Using animals or bikes gives the shot more of a real-life feeling.

Number 6

Some people don’t even attend the shows, but come for the camera-time in front of the venues.

Number 7.

Exiting a show could almost be one of the most crucially important parts of the day. Say you exit the same time as Kate Moss – all of the photographers are probably too concerned with who, wearing what and how Kate exits, to pay any attention to you. Timing. Timing. Timing.

Number 8.

Not only do designers have contracts with the starlets, but photographers do too. So either get into business with someone on the other side of the camera, or build your relationships around that. (Or be the next Anna Dello Russo. She probably shined so bright, no contracts were needed)

Number 9.

If you want The Sartorialist to capture you, know what he likes. If you want to catch Tommy’s attention, play by his rules. It’s important to know who your audience is – and dress by what they like. Always dress as you want, but if your aim is to be on the pages of Vogue for your street style… Keep in mind who you need to impress.

Number 10.

Street style isn’t everything. You can strut your stuff all you want, but if you can’t keep your professional and personal relationships at it’s best, don’t hope to be remembered by the best.

fave looks

What I personally learned from the article was, that relationships and timing are essential. And obviously that sense of style that will get that one important eye looking.




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