Contours and Highlights

Good Morning from the city that never sleeps!

I’ve been in New York City for a bout a week now. Every time I’m here, I feel more and more at home with this place. Sunday morning, began with a 7 AM wake up, and a quick run to the 5th Avenue Sephora store. The Contouring and Highlighting class awaited! I never wear make up on a daily basis for  two reasons: For one, I have the feeling on my skin and for two, I don’t think I’m that good at it! So when I can, I try to attend the free make up classes held by Sephora. They are super fun and let you try all of the products you want!

Since contouring has been the biggest boom in make up in a while, I’ve always been interested in how it’s done. And now I know. In the class, I used his Marc Jacobs contouring palette and was super happy with the outcome. The tone is Dream Filter 20 and I definitely recommend it if you are light skinned like me!

collageAnyway, between the choice of a powder contour or cream contour – the choice comes down to how dramatic you want it to look. A powder gives a more subtle look and a lighter tone to it. If you want to use a cream contouring palette, the outcome can be blended to a subtle tone, but it will still be a more drastic look. As our dear make-up coach told us “You will look more starved.”

Another product I’m just blown away by, is the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. What a beautiful product with many ways to use it. You can spray it on during the day time just to freshen up and give your skin that extra juice it needs. Or you can just spray it onto your make-up to give it some extra glow and let the make-up stick to your skin. (And I mean the bottle is just so gorgeous.)image3

I’ll be trying the look in bit, and will see if I learned something from the class or not!




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