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Dear readers,

You may not know, but I’m going to be embarking on a voyage to India in a few days time. Since us here in the northern hemisphere have been enjoying the six-month long winter, the sun and warm weather of India rather scares me. I’m super fair skinned, and can’t handle the sun for too long so skin protection is so important for me. Well, skin protection should be super important for everybody! Even if you tan well, and don’t get burned, the impact of the UVA does so much damage to the age of your skin alone! Therefore, protection, protection, protection.

For my upcoming trip, the chosen bunch came from Clinique. The product on the left is Super City Block SPF 40 for the face. Great protection for both UVA and UVB rays. The product on the right is a full body cream of SPF 50, respectively with a protection from the UVA and UVB rays as well.

1stAs you can see from the top, a beautiful cosmetics bag is shown. Well I recommend doing all of your beauty product shopping at large department stores. Those stores are definitely stacked with amazing goodie bags that companies give out to their customers. For example, for Clinique, the deal was that if you buy for $50, you get a free cosmetics bag with the following goodies:

2ndI was so thrilled with the contents of the bag! I mean, a lipstick, eyeshadow palette, eye cream, face cream, and cheek colour balm. The lipstick and eyeshadow aren’t really my shades, but I’ll definitely be trying them out! But my true favourites are the eye cream and the face cram. Awesome products! (I’ve tried to link all of the products to the Saks Fifth Avenue store, since it’s where I got them from – but unfortunately some don’t quite match up! Sorry!)

So remember, protect your skin! Mind your UVA’s and UVB’s! And keep a good eye and face cream by your side!



5 thoughts on “Clinique Goodies

    • Yes! Definitely consider using SPF products. Your skin will thank you for it 😉 I was super happy with the products, and I didn’t burn even a bit! (Which is very rare for me).




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