Who else is done with winter?

Today was an absolute ideal spring day. We headed out to the Estonian National Museum of Art grounds and took some OOTD shots there. The first day of spring, where you don’t have to do the whole scarf-hat-sweater-coat business, is a bliss.

Although I just came from India where the degrees spiked up to 35C, being at home with my whole wardrobe and doing everyday things, everything is just so much more pleasant.

blog1 blog2 blog3Hat: Bershka, Sunglasses: Monton, T-Shirt: Zara, Cardigan: Reserved, Flats: H&M, Watch: Triwa


Leather Jacket & Wool Cardigan: Zara

I have packed away most of my winter things – I am officially done with winter. I mean, it better not get cold again, since I’ll be freezing my ass off in the wool cardigan shown on the picture above. That sort of warm items are the only ones I left, in order to defeat the chilly evenings of spring.




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