Coachella Much?


I don’t think there’s anyone currently unaware of the happenings of Coachella. The massive festival took place over the weekend and the internet has been bursting with street(desert)-style posts from celebrities, bloggers, socialites and so forth ever since. Coachella is the mother of all festival style – as it pretty much created a new department of style in general combining boho with all sorts of different styles.

Personally, when browsing through the albums and albums of street style from Coachella, not many outfits speak to me. I mean, obviously I found some looks that were amazing – but most were just ridiculous in my eyes, whether they are or are not as fashionable as the media says.

I found my 5 favourite looks from Coachella, as well as the 5 looks that should have stayed home…



Some people can do it, and some can over do it. But then again, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



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