The Nine Must Haves

How to start building your wardrobe to have it serve you for decades? Don’t be afraid to splurge on the basics and stinge back on the moment trends.

1) Your most comfortable heel
One pair what goes with anything at any time of the day.


2) Your go-to sweater
Whether it be with some over the knee boots or sneakers, this sweater will serve on so many occasions.


3) Any occasion bag
When a clutch is too small, but a weekender too big


4) The Trench


5) The sweats that don’t make you sweat
With the rise of the sneaker, the fancy sweat made it’s debut as well.


6) The LBD
No explanation needed.


7) Leather Jacket
For the Rock’n’Roll girl in you


8) The perfect fit jean
If it doesn’t hug your butt in the most gorgeous way, then toss them.


9) The timeless timepiece
Both stylish and useful.


So start building, it’s never too late to own your most ultimate wardrobe.



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