Smoothie Upgrade

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This would usually be a Sunday morning treat: a beautiful smoothie, time to relax and April’s Vogue. But, as I am currently on a time-off from work (I’ve got some super fun news in that department, which I will let you know once everything is figured out), I get to spend it with myself. To be honest, I should be working on my bachelor thesis, as the deadline is something on the lines of in a week… But I’m just not feeling it. And although, I know most people have done it, and it’s just the getting down and dirty with your computer and not getting up until it’s done, I just cannot be bothered with it quite yet. No good excuses, just plain laziness.

So here, the ultimate smoothie. I swear, I’ve never made on this good. I think the secret to the yumminess, is that there are so many berry flavours which just automatically blend and taste amazing together.


 1 1/2 (super) ripe banana

1 cup of strawberry yoghurt

handful of frozen raspberries

handful of frozen blackberries

handful of frozen strawberries

squeeze of lemon juice

topped with chia

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I hope it’s sunny out there wherever you are, and that you have a beautiful day!



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