All Day Hair Day


How often do you guys go to get your hair done? I mean, is it just me that seems to realise that it’s time way too late? It’s been almost six months since my last visit to the hairdressers- and I really hadn’t realised that the situation was THAT bad. Until this morning that is. So here’s what was going on on my head:

11208723_10155816236110206_1680232853_nI honestly can’t believe I’ve been walking around like this for soo long! Why didn’t anyone stop me!

So after a small discussion on the colour and matching the right tones I got a super amazing treatment package from Joico. My hair is definitely saying thank you.

So, want to see what I walked out with? Tadaaaaaa..

11198480_10155816236130206_936482602_nThank you Monika for the beautiful colour and do! I love it. I mean seriously, look at the difference. Holy crap.




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