OOTD 14.05.15

yoloI honestly don’t understand what’s up with the weather. It seems that a few weeks ago it was much nicer and warmer. And that’s just not right! I’m terrified that the current hale/rain/wind is a prophecy of what the summer is going to be like 😦 Hale no.

I don’t know what’s up with my face in some of these shots. The wind was blowing in every direction and I guess I was mad as hell about it. But anyway, I’m a massive fan of the sales section. Especially when I find something like this leather jacket for under €20. Voilá,

Hat: Bershka, Jacket & Shirt: Lindex, Jeans: Armani Exchange, Boots: Zara

I’ve dyed my hair dozens of times before, and a couple of times it has been pretty dark brown. Usually I’m super upset like 2 weeks in, regretting the whole thing. I feel like blonde is so much more my colour. But for the first time, I feel super serene and happy with the outcome.
Here comes the selfie freight,


So what about you? Are you more bargain friendly or won’t wait a day when a new collection hits the stores?

Let me know, so I might not feel alone next time I hang out in the sale section.



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