So who isn’t excited about this collaboration? I swear, my social media cannot find anyone not excited. I love Kendall and Jourdan, and they look super cute together in these preview promo pics… H&M collabs have become more and more popular within the years, and the collabs itself have become more exclusive and limited. And by limited, I mean having to line up in front of the H&M store at least 10 hours before opening to be able to claw yourself into the store. The previous collab, Alexander Wang was just this exclusive and I just couldn’t bring myself to get my stuff together at 6AM to go camp outside H&M. (By 6AM, it would have probably been to late as well…) But when you get a glimpse of everything you missed, the thought of “well, maybe… I should have…”. Who know’s how I’ll feel in November – but I’m pretty stoked right now about getting some Balmain going on in my closet.

number 3number 4

Can’t wait for some more preeeeeviews to get us all excited.



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