So you hear the word summer being thrown around with such ease right now, since you know, its June! It’s summer! Summer vacations, summer breaks… Summer, summer, summer. So understand my confusion when I see the sun shining as bright as possible, but as I walk outside my apartment, it’s like the Antarctic greeting me on the other side?

Im stubborn as hell, so once it hits June… Warm clothes are done and dusted for the season. My shorts and I are going to bear through this arctic breeze and greet the 30C weather with open arms… We’re ready for you my love.

I literally can’t look at flower patterns seriously in the spring time, and I’m sure anyone whose seen The Devil Wears Prada, feels the same way. But I’m fairly sure their impossible to ignore as well. I bought this groundbreaking skirt a year ago, and since I’m pretty good at lying to myself, I lied to myself that day about what size skirt I should buy. Long story short, for a while, it was just a bit small. A bit. Tiny bit. So now, I’m finally fitting into it! Yay! (I’m also fitting into things that I’ve lied to myself about for years – 2015 is a good year.)

Last Friday, I went to a dear friends garden birthday party. So I thought florals would be quite adequate.

Shirt: Forever21, Skirt, Heels, Headband: H&M, Purse: Lindex, Watch: Triwa, Sunglasses: Monton

A light leather jacket did the trick for later on in the evening, but when you think warm, you are warm. So I went with that.
Sorry for being away for so long, and I promise I’m back now!




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