OPI x Alpine Snow

I’ve never been up to date with all the big nail trends for two reasons: 1. I suck at painting my nails. There is nail polish on my forehead when I get into it,  2. I’ve been a huge nail biter my whole life. These two reasons have been enough for me, to keep my nails boringly plain at all times. Recently I’ve been taking quite good care of them, and they are finally growing into lengths that can bear a layer or two of polish. So I start going through my make-up bag, only to realise that I don’t even own one nail polish. Not even one. So I got worried. If I don’t get my nails done RIGHT this instant, I’ll be back to biting in no time – and that just looks awful. So off to the store I was. And here’s the beauty that I brought home…

The colour is called Alpine Snow, and you wouldn’t consider it to be a colour with the summery-iest vibe. But if it’s not black, white or grey – It’s a no from me. So I thought I’d test the white for now…
I couldn’t be happier. Love love love the colour. (And I mean, I seriously can’t paint my nails… Such a pity) So anyway, I got so into it all today, that I’m making today into pedicure day! Woop woop. You probably won’t be needing any updates on that, so you can just live with the knowledge that that’s what i’m doing RIGHT NOW!




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