New Year, Same Me.

Happy New Year everybody!

My year was filled with amazing emotions, passionate love, best friends, and unforgettable memories. Definitely a year, that I will look back on in year to come. Hence the feeling inside of me, that although a new year has come, I am still want to be the same person that I am today.

Anyway, deep monologues aside, last nights party was amazing – great location and lovely people. I of course, made my way home at around 1:30AM since sickness got the better of me. Hope to make it up to my other half someway, since his night was far from festive too.


If you’re ever feeling awful, yet still need to be somewhere and look better than you’re feeling – invest in getting you’re make-up done by a professional. Unless you’re Mrs. Magic with the brushes. Then you’re set. Well I’m not.

Hope you all have an amazing year – make memories that last and friends that remain.





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